Former Jewish shops in Amzrou

Zagora is the administrative center for the southern Draa.  Just to the south of the city is Amzrou, one of the oldest Jewish casbahs in the Valley.



Amzrou Synagogue Door

The ancient village of Amzrou was the home of a large community of Jews who left the country around 1958, after having lived for centuries in harmony with the Muslim community. Today, Draouis are the sole occupants. It has narrow streets and covered areas that accentuate the high walls. The west door was used by the Jews and the east by the Muslims. It has an old synagogue, which is in better shape than others in the Draa Valley. The view from the tower is incredible. Nearby are the jewelers and the blacksmiths, which you can visit. Blacksmiths, who were trained by the Jews, are still using the models left by them to make fibula (pins to hold garments together) and medallions.

Decorative Jewish Door

House in Amzrou Mellah

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