Agdz District




Agdz is a military town that once had a sizeable Jewish population.  It is the starting point for a visit to the fortified villages (casbahs) heading southward.


El Hara (Tamnougalt)

El Hara mellah

Three kilometers south of Agdz begins the tourist route of Mezguita containing dozens of casbahs. The first casbah on the dirt road is El Hara, the Jewish quarter of Tamnougalt.  Towering above it is the casbah of Caid Ali, a despotic ruler during the times of the French.  This large Jewish community engaged in agriculture as well as the traditional Jewish occupations of metalwork and commerce.  Much of the mellah is deserted. It includes the remains of a  synagogue. 



Timesla mellah

Timesla is a casbah where several dozen Jewish families lived among the black Haratin population.  A small bridge leads to the village about 15 kilometers south of the road to Errachidia.  The small synagogue is in disrepair.
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