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Moroccan Jews 

NEW! Morocco
1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia article on the Jews of Morocco.


NEW! The Sanctuary of Azjen
Article by Faycal Falaky, a Moroccan-born Arab, about his warm encounter in a Paris bar with Amran, a Moroccan-born Jew, and their nostalgia for Morocco.


NEW! Come Back to Mogador
Fascinating website about Mogador (Essaouira) created by Haim Melca, a Moroccan-Israeli. Contains photos, documents, articles, and genealogical trees. (in French)


NEW! Moroccan Judaism Explained to the World
La Gazette du Maroc 2005 article on the Brussels Moroccan Judaism exhibit, "One Objective, Two Peoples." (in French)


NEW! Israel's Moroccan Vote
Al Ahram Weekly article on the creation of the World Union of Moroccan Jewry in 1999, under the auspices of the late King Hassan II. Quotes Andre Azoulay, "coexistence between Muslims and Jews and between Arabs and Jews could work because it succeeded in Morocco."

NEW! To be a Jew in Morocco Today
Maroc-Hebdo article on Jews in Morocco following the 2003 Casablanca bombings. The author, Amale Samie, concludes, "We secretly hope that Moroccan Jews return one day to live in their country." (in French)


NEW! An Association for Friendship between Jews and Berbers
News article on the efforts to create an association promoting friendship between Berbers living in Morocco and Israeli Jews of Berber ancestry, from Le Journal Hebdomadaire (in French.)


NEW! The Jews of Morocco, Traditions and Modernity
Website mirror of a CD-ROM on Moroccan Jews, including the arts, religion, social and communal history, history, environment and historical figures.


NEW! Jewish North Africa
D.R Cowles' photos of synagogues, saints' shrines, cemeteries, and the mellahs that once housed Jewish communities in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.


NEW! A Brief Social History of the Jews in Morocco
A history of Moroccan Jews by Marc Eliany.



Crafting a legacy

Jewish Telegraph Agency 1999 article on the slow death of the Moroccan Jewish Community.


NEW! One Objective, Two Cultures
Website of an exhibition on Moroccan Jews at the Jewish Museum of Belgium (in French).


NEW! Moroccan Jews Cultural Heritage and Discussion Forum
Articles and discussion forum by Jews with Moroccan origins (in French)


NEW!  Jewish Morocco: Synagogues
Name, addresses and phone numbers of synagogues, community centers, restaurants and Jewish organizations in Morocco.


NEW! Moroccan Jewish Heritage-Musee d'Art Juif Marocain 
Virtual display of Jewish-Moroccan Art Museum sponsored by the  Center of Jewish-Moroccan Culture in Brussels, Belgium. Contains art, documents and photos (in French).


NEW! History of the Jews in Morocco
Wikipedia article on the history of Moroccan Jews.


  Moroccan Ambassador Speaks of Nation's Close Ties to Jews
Washington Diplomat report on a a presentation by the Moroccan Ambassador in Washington to a group from the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center.


  A Different Kind of Diaspora: Moroccan Jews Looking Back
Review by Carel Bertram of the exhibition catalogue, Morocco: Jews and Art in a Muslim Land, edited by Vivian Mann. Featured in Al Jadid Magazine.


  The Nineteenth Century and the Impact of the West
Excerpt of Norman Stillman's book, The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times, focusing on the establishment of Alliance Israelite Universelle schools in Morocco.  Part of a web project on Arab culture and civilization created by the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education.


  A Jewish Museum in an Arab Country
An article in Curator, the Museum Journal, by Hilde Hein on her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca before and after September 11, 2001. The article also features photos of Moroccan Jewish sites and structures by David Cowles.


  Chabad Centers in Morocco
Names, addresses and phone numbers of Chabad Centers throughout Morocco.


  American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Morocco Program
The website of the "Joint," describing its support for youth , women, the elderly and vulnerable Jewish communities in Morocco.


  Rabat sources: Morocco will renew diplomatic ties with Israel
Globes-on-Line article reporting a high Moroccan Government official's statement that diplomatic relations would be reestablished between Morocco and Israel, following a meeting between King Mohammed VI and Shimon Peres.  The source also notes that contacts and cooperation continued throughout the period of the second intifada, when diplomatic relations were broken.  


  Israel and Morocco to Renew Relations
March 2005 Khaleej Times article predicting that Israel and Morocco will reestablish diplomatic relations in April 2005.


  Curse of the Saint
2001 article by Daniel Schroeter in the journal Judaism focusing on veneration of saints by Moroccan Jews.  The article reviews two books, Without Bounds: The Life and Death of Rabbi Ya'aqov Wazana by Yoram Bilu, and Saint Veneration among the Jews in Morocco by Issachar BenAmi.


  Andre Azoulay: Setting Examples for Arab-Jewish Coexistence
1991 article by Jamal Aziar on Andre Azoulay, economic counselor to both King Hassan II and King Mohammad VI.  The article focuses on his involvement with Identite et Dialogue, a group of Moroccan Jews advocating for dialogue between Jews and Muslims and peace in the Middle East.   


  Reading Jewish Fez: On the Cultural Identity of a Jewish City
Excellent article by Oren Kosansky exploring Muslim memories of Jewish inhabitants of Fez and why Fez is considered a "Jewish" city.


  Jewish Life in Fes
Notes from a visiting Fulbright Scholar, Cristel, tracing the path of the famous explorer, Leo Africanus.


  Arabs, Jews, Forbidden Love, and Finding Oneself
Mozaik magazine interview with Ruth Knafo Setton, author of The Road to Fez, about the pilgrimage of a Morocca- American woman to the gravesite of the Jewish saint, Lalla Solica.  


 NEW! The Forgotten Refugees
Website of the film, The Forgotten Refugees, about the "mass exodus of up to one million Jews from Arab Countries and Iran in the 20th century."  Sponsored by the David Project Center for Jewish Leadership.


  Morocco's Last Jews
1997 Judaism Journal article by Richard Gunther on Moroccan Jews, their emigration, and their future in Morocco.


Here was Morocco
Romantic evocation of Moroccan Jewish culture and history by Stanley Mann
Reopening of Morocco’s Liaison Bureau in Tel Aviv depends on progress in Middle East peace process, Minister
Maghreb Arab Presse article on February 2004 visit of delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. 
Viva: Colors of Morocco                                                                                                                
Photos of Morocco by a Moroccan-born Canadian photographer and painter. Her photo-paintings, called hyperrealist, are the result of a complex technique that allies silver photography, digital painting, silk screen printing, and hand painting on canvas. 
Adoths : Coutumes Culinaires Par Fete 

Foods eaten by Moroccan Jews during religious holidays. (in French)


Alliance Israelite Universelle Bibliotheque 
An excellent source of original documentation on Moroccan Jews, including the archives of the AIU schools in Morocco.  The library is located in Paris, France. (in French)


Cartes Postales du Maroc  

Six of the seventy postcards on Moroccan Jews from 1900-1920 featured in the Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris.  (in French)


Dafina.Net: Le Net des Juifs du Maroc  
An extraordinary site that acts as the virtual community center for Jews of Moroccan descent. It includes dozens of links to articles and photos, as well as chatrooms, a forum and community announcements. (in French) A parallel site in English has fewer links - Dafina - The Net of Moroccan Jews.


The Language of the Heart: Encounters between Jewish and Moslem Musicians in Morocco and Spain  

An article from the Israel Review of Arts and Letters.  Its theme is that Jews and Muslim Musicians formed a community over the ages, which had a major impact on development of their music.




The Jewish history of Fez, Morocco. Part of the database of Jewish communities maintained by Beth Hatefutsoth, Israel's Museum of the Jewish People.


Jews in Fez, Morocco  
Translation of an article in Los Muestros, a publication of the European Sephardic Institute.


Jewish Communities of the World: Morocco  
Overview of Moroccan Jews from the World Jewish Congress.


Expressions Judeo-Marocaines    
Moroccan Jewish proverbs from Dafina.Net. (in French)


Jews in Africa - The Berbers and the Jews
An article by Samuel Kurinsky focusing on: Berbers and Jews, a Unique Relationship. The Historical Background; Judaic Rebellions in Africa; Jews Move West; Judaic/Berber Alliance under Queen Kahena; and Judaic/Berber Participation in the Islamic Conquest of Southern Iberia.


The Jews of Morocco
Short overview sponsored by American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.


Histoire du Maroc 
The role of Jews in the history of Morocco. (in French)


La Mimouna 
Description of how Moroccan Jews celebrate Mimouna, the holiday marking the end of Passover. (in French)


La Mimouna from Dafina 
Another description of Mimouna. (in French)


Les Annees de Fertilisation
Memories of student life at Alliance schools in Essaouira and Casablanca, by David Bensoussan. (in French)


Les Noms des Juifs du Maroc   
Family names of Moroccan Jews. (in French) 


Les Rabbins du Maroc
 Rabbis of Morocco. (in French)


Site of Maxime Ben Haim 
A Canadian painter of Moroccan Jewish ancestry.


Moroccan Jews  
Overview of Moroccan Jews presented by the Moroccan-American Business Council.


Moroccan Jews 
Overview of Moroccan Jews and their clothing presented by the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Moroccan Jews in the Amazon 

An interesting article by Jeff Malka on the 19th century emigration of Moroccan Jews to the Amazon River region. From the Sephardic SIG, the special interest group for Sephardic genealogy.



Moroccan Jewish Links  
From B'nei Shaare Zion Congregation.


Sephardic-Moroccan Page     
A religious site focusing on the Sephardic heritage of Moroccan Jews, including  music, synagogues and prayer.  Moroccan Jewish items for sale.


The Jews of Africa: The Jews of Morocco  
Overview of Moroccan Jewish history by photographer Jay Sand, whose site covers his visits to Jewish communities throughout Africa.


Jews of Morocco 
A collection of links from


Les Juifs Amazighs
Several excellent articles about Berber Jews. (in French and English)


AmEx Awards $30,000 For Fez Synagogue Restoration
World Monuments Fund restoration of the Rabbi Shlomo ibn Danan Synagogue.


Jewish Genealogy in Morocco 
An introduction to genealogical research for Moroccan Jews.


Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas Jewish Kasbah
From Adventures of Morocco.


The Holocaust in North Africa  
Article by Seth Ward on the treatment of Moroccan Jews by the Vichy French Government during WW II.


Morocco North, South, East and West 
Lectures by scholars associated with Ivri-NASAWI, the association of Sephardic/Mizrahi writers and artists.


Welcome to Morocco
Collection of links on Jewish Morocco from the Jewish World Center.


International Jewish Cemetery Project - Morocco 
A project of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies to catalogue Jewish burial sites.

Israel-Diaspora Morocco

Links on Morocco, with a special focus on its Jewish community, from the Department for Jewish Zionist Education Pedagogic Center.
Backlash Hits Last of the Moroccan Jews

November 2000 London Telegraph article on hostility towards Moroccan Jews in response to outbreaks of violence in Israel and Palestine.


Sephardim and Jews from Arab Countries


NEW! Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
Website of the international rights and redress campaign for Jewish refugees from Arab countries.


NEW! The Forced Migration of Jews from Arab Countries and Peace
Ada Aharoni's 2002 article arguing that peace researchers should better understand the factors that led to the forced migration of Jews from Arab countries in order to create a greater appreciation of the suffering of both Palestinians and Jewish refugees.


  The Other Refugees: Jews of the Arab World
Article by George Gruen for the June 1988 Jerusalem Letter of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


Jews in the Arab World   

Arab Gateway's list of links and books concerning Jews living currently or formerly in Arab countries.


Dhimmis and Dhimmitude  
Readings on the status of Jews and Christians under Islam and in Islamic lands. 


Campaign to record claims of Jewish refugees from Arab lands
Jerusalem Post article on the American Sephardic Federation campaign.


Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa 
An organization whose mission is to advocate and educate about the history and plight of the Jews indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa.


Confiscated Wealth: The Fate of Jewish Property in Arab Lands
A summary of the Itamar Levin's World Jewish Congress study on expropriation of the property of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, concluding that they would have had an easier transition to life in Israel if they had been allowed to bring their property with them.


The Sephardi Connection

A website focusing on Sephardic Judaism and Sephardim, their history, culture, literatures, languages, genealogy, their past, present and future struggles and concerns. 


Jews of North Africa   
Bibliography on Jews of North Africa from the Sephardi Connection.


Sephardic Jewry
A collection of links on Sephardic Jews from B'nei Shaare Zion Congregation.


Ladino Music: Sylvain's Web Page 

Many songs in Ladino and some in Haketia, the form of Ladino indigenous to Morocco.



Sephardic Tunes
Another music page from Sylvain.


Sephardic Websites North Africa
Sephardic genealogical resources.


Exhibit on Jews in Arab Lands
From Beth Hatefutsoth.


Judeo-Maghrebi Literature 
A site promoting the literature and culture of Jewish authors in North Africa who wrote in French during French rule.


Sephardic Communities 
Sephardic links.


American Sephardi Federation
An organization promoting and preserving the spiritual, historical, cultural and social traditions of all Sephardic communities as an integral part of Jewish heritage.


Links on Morocco and the Jewish World

NEW! The Jewish Community of Morocco
Links to websites, images, and genealogical resources in English and Hebrew, offered by the online Jewish magazine, Kosher Delight 


Links on Morocco

An extensive list of links on Morocco offered by the Friends of Morocco, an organization of returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers.


A directory of Jewish links created by Janis Coulter, one of the Americans killed in the bomb blast at Mt. Scopus.


Morocco - Your Internet Guide to the Country

A list of links on Morocco.


US Embassy in Morocco 
Information on the Embassy and American-Moroccan relations.


Beth Hatefutsoth Direct Link 
Links to Jewish Museums and Art Museums, Academic and Cultural Organizations, Libraries and Archives, Jewish Organizations, Jewish Communities on the Web, Jewish Press, Music, Genealogy, Holocaust and General sites dealing with Jewish Issues.


Hot Sites - Vacation Spots - Jewish Traveler   
A collection of websites on traveling in the Jewish world.



 Organized Tours of Jewish Morocco

NEW! Jewish Heritage Tour
Jewish heritage tour of Morocco sponsored by Sahara Soul Travel.

Heritage Tours - Morocco 

A travel agency with a strong expertise in Moroccan Jewish heritage tours. Run by Joel Zack, an expert in the preservation of Moroccan Jewish monuments.


Tourism in Morocco 
Lots of useful information for visitors to Morocco.



An English-speaking tour guide specializing in Jewish Morocco.


Royal Tours of Morocco            
A travel agency specializing in Morocco.