Reopening of Morocco’s Liaison Bureau in Tel Aviv depends on progress in Middle East peace process, Minister



Rabat, Feb. 18 - Moroccan minister delegate to foreign affairs and cooperation, Taib fassi Fihri has insisted that any reopening of Morocco’s Liaison Bureau in Tel Aviv, depends on the progress made in the Middle East peace process.

The Moroccan official was speaking after a meeting, here Wednesday, with a delegation of leaders from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations currently visiting Morocco.

Fassi Fihri also insisted that « any information or commentary published in the media regarding this meeting is baseless and erroneous”.

During this meeting attended by Moroccan minister of Endowment and Islamic affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, both sides discussed the situation of the some 3000 strong Jewish Community in Morocco, relations between the Kingdom and the United States, the situation in the Middle East, and the importance of dialogue between religions, the Foreign Affairs ministry said in a communique.

On this occasion, the communiqué went on, Ahmed Taoufiq laid emphasis on “the specific nature of Islam practised in Morocco under the authority of H.M King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, based on the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between the different (religious) communities in this country that have always lived in harmony and mutual respect.”

The minister also underlined “the virtues of a sincere, constructive and unbiased dialogue between the monotheist religions, noting in this regard that Morocco constitutes a unique model based on a long and historic practise.”

On his part, Fassi Fihri said he was pleased with the development of relations between the Kingdom and the United States in several sectors. He also reiterated “Morocco’s constant position regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict, and its commitment in favor of a just and comprehensive solution” which he said, is “both possible and necessary.”

He described as « extremely serious and worrying” the situation in the Palestinian territories, noting “the growing feelings of injustice, social and political frustration” among the Palestinian people.

He recalled in this regard « the different appeals by H.M. King Mohammed VI for an immediate return to the negotiations table to ease tensions and reach the creation of a viable Palestinian state living alongside Israel in peace and security.”

The leaders of this delegation were received on Tuesday in Essaouira (South of Rabat) by H.M. King Mohammed VI.

These are: James S. Tisch, chairman of the conference, Ronald Lauder, former Chairman, Seymour Reich, former Chairman, Malcolm Hoeplein, deputy Chairman, Gerald Nadler, congressman from New York, Liliane Chalom, deputy-Chairwoman, Alexander Mashkevitch, Chairman of the Euro-Asian Congress.

The delegation’s visit to Morocco, an historic first for the Conference given Morocco’s important geopolitical role, can contribute significantly to US-Moroccan ties and to efforts towards a peaceful relationship between Israel and the Arab nations, said the organization which also stresses “the unique leadership position in the Muslim and Arab world” held by H.M. King Mohammed VI and “the significant changes to his country and to the region”.

The visit “also offers an important framework for continued Jewish-Muslim dialogue and cooperation”, the Conference added.

The delegation also includes Lester Pollack, former chairman of the conference and chairman of the Morocco-US council on trade and investment.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is the central coordinating body representing 53 national Jewish organizations.

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